Wednesday, July 10, 2013

HK Giants/Yuen Long

On this Sunday 30th of June, we were facing Yuen Long, ranked in 4th position and that we beat during the first part of the season.

The roster was quite short but with a good line up, we were confident on our change to win again. After a good warm up and the usual 2 minutes available to warm up the keeper, we were starting with the ball, focused and motivated.

Unfortunately and quite normal for us, our first minutes were difficult, with a lack of concentration. Defense was strong but after defending for 1minute, a simple shoot from 9m would score, because of no arms up or tired. In attack, we missed too many shots even if we made some nice combinations. After 12 minutes, the score was already 7-2 for them and it was time to take a first time-out. Trying to get the guys to wake up, we scored a few more goals then, and came back 3 goals behind. But with the end of the first half coming, and not enough substitutions, we let them take back their advance to finally end up at half time on the score of 14-9 for them.

During the half time, we saw that everybody was really motivated and was believing that we could come back, even with 5 goals less. A few wise words from some players, asking to focus on the game and on the team, rather than complaining to the referee helped later in the game.

Back on the pitch, we started the second half same as the first half, not completely on the pitch, not really focus on defense and still missing too many in attacks. After 16 minutes, the score was terrible, 21-13 for Yuen Long. But it happened to kick our asses and after another time-out, we strangled them. Defense was finally strong, all along, and when they happen to find a shoot, our keepers were vigilant and realized a few great stops. In attack, taking our time and playing easy bring us a few goals with many less misses. And with the time running, and the opponents starting to scare and play badly, we were back on their feet.

After a last time-out took by Yuen Long to try to stop the hemorrhage, the last minute started on the score of 21-19. A first quick goal from us made it to 21-20. Then the stupid Frenchie got a red card for losing his temper after a foul not whistled. An act that could have cost the game. But with a final turnover and a last penalty, we ended the game on a draw, 21-21.

All the players showed great mentality and bravery, to keep believing and playing even with 8 goals behind. We can notice that the passing in attack start to be smoother and less loss of balls leading to fast break.

A few highlights, as usual. For our keepers, who were amazing all along the game, but especially in the last 15 minutes with a few stops that saved the game. Jun Ho and Jacques, best scorers of the day. Jun Ho scored all our penalty shots when Jacques made the job from 9m. Special mention to his last goal, when he probably made around 10 steps from the middle of the pitch to the 9m. And thanks to everyone for coming and keeping up the winning spirit during the whole game!

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The HK Giants Team

The HK Giants Team