Friday, September 12, 2014

The HK GIANTS are not dead!

No, we're not dead!

The blog has been on pause for a while, due to the amazing writer I am, being very busy.

Anyways, good news is, we have now an official and not less amazing website that you can visit and enjoy:
News will start again over there, as well as sharing of photos, results etc... Everything we were doing here but in better! It's still being finalized, but you can already enjoy the neat and fresh design.

You can also (and have to) follow us on facebook:

Please share the website and the facebook, to make sure we get the exposure we deserve and become well known all over Hong Kong and the WORLD!

Thanks for your every day support and see you all very soon!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

HK GIANTS vs Sun Nic Gan

Sunday 24th was the last game of the first part of the season, against Sun Nic Gan. A must win game in order to start the second part with better objectives. With, for the first time of the Giants history, as many Hong Kong player than guailo. A good sign that we are becoming attractive and wide in terms of nationalities.

Well motivated and starting in defense, the first few minutes were as usual for us, a bit difficult, both in attack and defense. After 6 minutes played, the score was 2-2 only, with many missed occasion and mistakes. 

Thankfully our opponents had the same issues and no one could lead. We then passed the second gear and played a great handball, especially in attack with many good chance and a great accuracy. After 20 minutes, the score was 11-3 for us, giving us a comfortable lead. And the last 10 minutes were of the same kind, even with a defense slowing down. A quiet and easy first half, ended on the large score of 15-6.

But as we all know, when we are good, we start playing easy and make mistakes. And that didn't miss, with a second half starting well for our opponents, thanks to our weak defense. After 7 minutes, they scored already 7 goals, coming back 3 goals behind us. Time for a time out, to try to wake up everybody. And even if we started scoring again, we didn't improve the defense and gave away many easy goals, keeping them 3 goals behind. Until the 23rd minute, game was tight, with only lucky goals from our side replying to our lack of defense.

We then had another good run of 5 minutes, putting them 6 goals behind, before playing easy again and letting them come back close. A last minute with 2 goals from our right back and we ended another difficult game on the score of 29-24.

Despite a win, we played a fantastic first half before getting pretentious and playing very bad in second half. We need to improve our fitness, in order to play same level for the whole game. And that only improve by training.

Highlight of the game, Chen, back after his injury with a nice game and 8 goals, Berry and Chris that played well on the wings and fast breaks, and all the guys that came to support.

We end the first part of the season with 4 wins and 5 losses, so we must do better in the second part, winning the same opponents and winning a few more in order to reach the top 5. Reply on December 15th with the first game against YMCA.

HK GIANTS vs Ho Kwok Pui Zhen

This Sunday 17th, after 2 wins in a row, back to the pitch against our direct opponent for the 7th place.
A long journey to the New Territories later, we were down at Tin Shui Sports Centre to play against Ho Kwok Pui Zhen. After the usual warm up and motivational speech, it was time to start.

The first minutes were quite chaotic, with a very weak defense. Despite taking out their best players, we couldn't stop their attacks and get ourselves in trouble. Thanks to an amazing Jake, we didn't give away too many goals but unfortunately didn't score either. After 20 minutes, the score was only 6-4 for our opponents and the last 10 minutes didn't see a better handball played, reaching the half time with 3 goals difference, 8-5.
It's important to note here that the 5 goals of our first half were only scored by the same player, which clearly show the problem that we're facing in attack.

Back on the pitch for the second half, we tried to motivate ourselves, knowing that 3 goals difference is nothing difficult. And after 9 minutes, we scored 4 goals to lead 9-8, sign that the half time message was passed. Until the 18th minutes, the score was really tight and each goals replying to one another. Arrived to the 23rd minutes, the game was tied, 15-15. Then Ho Kwok Pui Zhen scored a goal and for the next 5 minutes, no team could score. With an end of game completely crazy and quite stressful, we finally tied the game at the 28th minutes. With a last save from Jake and quick action, we scored the winning goal in the last seconds, leaving our opponents quite stunned and disappointed.

Globally, we played one of our worst game. Weak defense, attack even worse, without finding any solutions, we were really lucky to get away with a win. It's obvious that we need to keep working on attacks and make it more smooth.

Highlights of the game, Jake, who realized a few amazing stops, especially with his face. Eric, best scorer with 9 goals, Paul, who woke up to score our last 2 goals and all the team, that even if didn't play well, show a nice fighting spirit.

With a 3rd win in a row, we start to breathe better and feel safer, and we'll play next week the last game of the first part of the season, with hopefully, another win.

The HK Giants Team

The HK Giants Team