Friday, October 26, 2012

Cheuk Lai/HK Giants

This Sunday 14th of October, the HK GIANTS were up to their 4th game, expecting to win their second game. The opponent of the day was quite familiar as we use to train against most of the players when City U invites us! So a good reason to make a great game and beat them as we do during trainings!

But then started the problems, and 2 cancelations later due to some “injury-we-can’t-name” (for the sake of these players), we were only 8 players available, thus a bit short to ensure a good bench and enough power in the end of the game.

Arrived at the pitch and got changed, the mummies team (or grand-pa team) start to wrap himself in not less than 50 meters of medical tape. A foot here, a hand there, a finger on the right, an ankle at the back… Needless to say, we were looking like warriors.

After a few shots on our keeper to warm him up, it was time to start in the cold air conditioned of the gym.
As usual with us, the start is always tough and we have difficulties to be 100%. Hopefully, our opponents had the same problem and after 13 minutes, the score was only 3-3. Our defense was as strong as our attack was messy. A few forced shots, nobody listening to the playmaker, accuracy near 30%... All the problems we’re trying to improve during trainings were there and all at the same time.

Then, our opponents decide to pass the 2nd gear and find back some accuracy. Due also to our defense becoming more passive, they easily scored 5 goals in 10 minutes to lead us 8-4. The last minutes of the first half were just enough to see one more goal for each side and reach half time on the score of 9-5.

With everyone giving his comments and pointing out the main problems, we started the second half ready for the fight, especially knowing our opponents were easily beatable.

Unfortunately, the beginning of second half was no better than the first one, and after 3 minutes, we were leaded by 6 goals, 12-6. It was the time for Stefan to decide to hurt himself, on a simple spin, and have to go out because of tendon issue. With 7 players to go and a ferocious will, we manned up and got back our strong defense, not follow by the accuracy. And while we were missing a few shots and scoring even less, our opponents also started to feel febrile and miss a lot. After 13 minutes, the score was 15-12 for them, and we were feeling that we were getting over them mentally.

Feeling confirmed when we score a 5-2 to come back to an even score, 17-17, 5 minutes before the end of the game. A last time out took, and we were ready to win this game. But the Goddess of Handball was not ours this day, and after two unusual penalty shots granted to our opponents, we ended the game on the sad score of 19-17.

Again, and as every other games before, the main problems were no communication in attack, poor accuracy and a lack of fitness that make us look like the Ancient Egypt GIANTS more than the strong and winning HK GIANTS.

A few highlights, Wan who throw a big game, stopping a lot of balls and making sure we were not sinking ; Fabien, always important in attack and defense, despite his hand injury ; and all the other players who had to play full game or almost!

Hopefully, here we are, with a one month break before the next game, good time to recover from injuries and get down to the 7 trainings planned. Time to train hard and get our 2nd win!

See other post for training time, and see you all there!

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