Monday, March 26, 2012

Play off - Première!

This Sunday 18th was the first game of the 4 playoff games, matches of crucial importance which would decide the future of Akita in 2nd or 1st division.

After our usual warm up in the corridor, under the eyes of impressed maids by our virility and power, the basic jokes about French, Swedish and Dodgeball and the difficult choice of our jersey (“We cannot play in white, the other team are also in white. – Yes, but we chose first. – Yes but no, go clean your room!”), we stepped on the pitch, fully motivated by the smell of blood emanating from this place!

Our old guy Joakim, who had the chance to be our one day captain and who made an awesome pre-game speech flipped the coin and… lost.

The first minutes could be considered as an observation round; both teams were playing a strong defense, and really not much space to shoot. Our attack was really nice, and even if we played simple actions, it was enough to lead by 2 points after 10 minutes.

We felt the lack of a right winger during the game, with the impossibility to bring danger and speed on this side of the pitch. We then waited for the 20th minutes to speed up and score a 5-1 which brought us to the half time on the comfortable score of 13-9.

The second half started on the same rhythm, with strong defense on both side and as usual, some strange referee decisions. It seems that getting his arm ripped off in counter attack doesn’t even worth a yellow card… Fabien made an excellent job as the scoot in defense, stealing a lot of balls and annoying their attack which was clearly disorganized.

After 10 minutes in the second half, the score didn’t move that much and only 3 goals on each side had been scored. But then, Akita decided to wake up and to show them how does a team who aspires to go to 1st division play. We scored a 7-1 to bring the goal difference to 8 points. The last 2 minutes will only see our opponents score a last goal, and we could celebrate our first win in this playoff.

We still have 3 games to play, and the first place is our priority. We have a great chance to win all, we just need to be committed and join for training as much as possible.

We would also like to thanks all the players who came over, even if they didn’t play much, your presence is important to the team.

And last point, congratulations to our Dodgeball World Champion Fabien. Hope you will not get too pretentions because of this!

Training sessions schedule had been updated on the blog, take a look at it and see you on the pitch!

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Anonymous said...

Wohoo! First comment!.. Nicely written Mathieu! BUT where are the result and report from this Sunday??

Cya when I´m back from Sweden again!


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The HK Giants Team